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25 Aug 2018

The question, how Bullet Journaling helped my mental health, was hard to answer for me. I never really sat down and thought about what exactly it was, that helped me in my struggles.

At first it mainly was a creative and meditative out led that actually was productive b...

15 Aug 2018

As promised on my last Instagram post (@hollylovesplanning if you don't know it yet) I go into details for all my coping mechanisms to deal with my anxiety and depression. It still is easier for me to talk about my anxiety than my depression because I feel like, anxiet...

12 Aug 2018

Planning when things are tough is hard. Being organised just isn’t a priority then, even though I’ve learned over and over, that it’d be essential to feeling better. Bringing order into my mind, thoughts and my life helped me to find my ways to cope better with my anxi...

14 Jul 2017

My 10 steps to travel without anxiety

Travelling the world isn't always the easiest thing for me because I really need a routine in my life. A few month ago I was reminded of that when I moved into an apartement with my boyfriend.  I love our new flat and we both know,...

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