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20 Feb 2019

It was time that I’ve updated my Self Care spread in my Bullet Journal. A few years back I started having a Self-Care spread in my Bullet Journal where I’ve tried to establish some healthy routines in times where I felt good. I concentrated on easy things like having s...

25 Aug 2018

The question, how Bullet Journaling helped my mental health, was hard to answer for me. I never really sat down and thought about what exactly it was, that helped me in my struggles.

At first it mainly was a creative and meditative out led that actually was productive b...

12 Aug 2018

Planning when things are tough is hard. Being organised just isn’t a priority then, even though I’ve learned over and over, that it’d be essential to feeling better. Bringing order into my mind, thoughts and my life helped me to find my ways to cope better with my anxi...

16 Mar 2018

Ich glaube, dass ich diesen Eintrag auf Deutsch verfasse, sollte zeigen wie aufgeregt ich gerade bin. Im Mai kann ich endlich meine eigenen Bullet Journal Kurse anbieten!

Endlich habe ich den perfekten Ort gefunden um Workshops für Bullet Journal Einsteiger zu organisie...

11 Dec 2017

First of all: You don’t have to invest in anything if you want to start a Bullet Journal. All you need is a pen and a notebook. It doesn’t matter if it’s lined, squared or blank. I started out with a blank notebook and some pens I already had.

Here are my tipps if you w...

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