Hand Lettering Workshops in Zurich - New Schedule

Eeeek, this is so exciting! I finally have updated my Workshop schedule and I'm now able to host a wider variety of workshops.

The Hand Lettering for Beginner workshops will still be the same, the only difference is, that they will be hosted in one evening rather than split on two evenings. So many of you asked me to change this, because with a busy lifestyle it sometimes is hard to get two evenings free to participate in a workshop. Even though I will miss those second evenings, it always was a little like greeting old friends back and it usually was even more cozy, I totally understand that with kids or a demanding job, this can be hard. From now on, I’ll chat a little less nonsense, so you’ll get the same experience as before.

My new advanced workshops are perfect for you, if you’ve already visited one of my Beginner workshops. You could even book them back to back because as soon as you learned how to handle your brush pens, you can start to create.

There are three new advances spring/summer workshops:

  • Watercolour and Lettering

You’ll learn how to handle water tank brushes, liquid watercolours and how to combine your lettering skills with your watercolour work. See how a few easy to learn tricks can bring your lettering from simple to art in no time.

  • Lettering on Terracotta

Lettering on a rounded surface can be tricky, so in this workshop you’ll learn all the tricks you need to letter beautifully on all you plant pots, mugs, bowls and what nots to personalise all your presents from now on.

  • Lettering on Textile

Why buy a cotton shopper for a lot of money with a quote on it that might not be the perfect quote for you, if you can letter it yourself? Learn how to letter your own stencil and then get the lettering on your new bag. No one will have a bag like yours. (Don't mind mine on the picture, I just can't help myself and usually use them before I can take pictures)

I don't even know why it took me so long to redo my schedule so I can offer these new workshops. I’m really excited for them and to teach you guys even more of my love for Hand Lettering and how attainable it is to create your own artwork. All I want for you is that you can personalise the sh*it out of your life :)

I'd love to see all of you guys again!

Love, Holly