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24 May 2020

My Mom's Sunken Apple Cake (sounds really weird writing this in English) always was one of my favourite cakes and one of the first cakes I wanted to learn to make myself. As kid, I always thought this to be a secret recipe my German Mom invented herself because non of...

12 May 2019

Get a glimps into my Capsule Wardrobe and how I tackled to whole topic for the first time.

22 Mar 2019

Eeeek, this is so exciting! I finally have updated my Workshop schedule and I'm now able to host a wider variety of workshops.

The Hand Lettering for Beginner workshops will still be the same, the only difference is, that they will be hosted in one evening rather than s...

20 Feb 2019

It was time that I’ve updated my Self Care spread in my Bullet Journal. A few years back I started having a Self-Care spread in my Bullet Journal where I’ve tried to establish some healthy routines in times where I felt good. I concentrated on easy things like having s...

8 Jan 2019

Let's just start by writing about why I'm doing this blogpost. 

I was writing a decription for an Instagram post the other day where I've realised, it turned into a little declaration of love to my Bullet Journal and I really feel like I want to talk about some things t...

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