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What To Do While In London

The last week in London was amazing. We had the best weather and London showed itself from its best side. This time, we didn't have to do all the high touristey things like, Tower Bridge, London Tower, Westminster Abbey etc. This time, we could just enjoy the city and take our time exploring everything.

The most time we spent strolling through the streets of London, all was so beautiful and there was so much to see. We had an Airbnb in Shoreditch and we definitely would stay there again, it was perfectly located for eating, exploring and a drink out.

Our favourite way to start the day was having a late breakfast at Ozone Coffee. This coffeehouse has its own coffee roastary in the building, the coffee and the food were spectacular.

Portobello Road is definitely worth a visit. Even if you don't find anything to buy, just walking down the road, having a look and a coffee in the sun is so nice. You'll find nice little antiques and things you don't need but really want. We also walked around the streets next to Portobello Road and the shops there were just as beautiful if not even a little more special.

Because the weather was so beautiful, we really spent a lot of time outside, visiting parcs, gardens and looking at houses, imagining, living in them. We've got an Oyster Card first thing, the last time we visited London and for us, it's still the fastest and easiest way to travel around the city. Public Transportation really isn't as scary as it seems. My most favourite thing about the Underground is, I have time to read my books.

If you want to visit Brick Lane and its amazing Street Art everywhere, combine it with Dinner at Dishoom. The indian food there was one of my favourtie things about London. Don't worry if the waiting time is long, they have a great bar and you'll have a lovely time while waiting. We went without reservation and had to wait about 50min but because the nice drinks and the food arriving fast after ordering, it still wasn't an all nighter.

London has so much to offer, espacially on sunny days. The parks are beautiful and huge, plan a whole afternoon if you decide to visit Hyde Park. Go to the Waterstone at Picadilly, have a look at Fortnum & Masons (I do NOT recommend the High Tea there, have it somewhere else) and the walk down to Hyde Park. If you want to extend the walk a little, have a walk through St. James' Park and visiti The Buckingham Palace and say Hi to Lizzy. The Gardens are also beautiful, we visited the Chelsea Physics Garden and found the Old English Garden in Battersea Park.

No matter what you decide to do in London, I'm sure you'll have a good time. Just have a few more coffee's and visit a few more museums (most are free by the way) if you aren't as lucky as we were with the weather.

Next time we visit London I'll put some new things on my list like, visiting a show (last time we saw the Harry Potter Play), trying to conquer shopping in London (it's just too much, I'm always a little overwhelmed), visiting more museums and last but most definitely not least, try to meet some UK Bullet Journal Friends.

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