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Hand Lettering Workshop - What to expect

I'm really excited for the next few months and the next few workshops! I truly enjoy working with so many different people and to spark the love for Bullet Journaling and hand lettering in others. Both of these workshops are perfect tools to restyle your daily life more creative and these new hobbies are so adaptable to even a busy and hectic life.

Over a course of 4h, you’ll learn in my hand lettering workshop everything you’ll need for the perfect start into your new hobby. You’ll receive a set of different brush pens and fine liner from Tombow and Edding, the practice sheets and a set of the perfect paper for hand lettering.

I’ll show you how to handle the different kinds of brush pens the right way and you’ll practice the hand lettering alphabet. At the end of each workshop you should be able to write at least one word in a modern brush lettering style on your hand lettering paper and you’ll even have the option to frame your work.

It’s the perfect setting for a cosy evening or afternoon with old and new friends, sharing a new hobby, some tea, coffee and snacks, chatting the hours away. This shouldn't be all work, no fun.

With the brush pen set, the practice sheets, the hand lettering paper and all the insights from the workshop, you’ll have everything you’ll need for the perfect start at home.

You'll find little snippets into my workshops in my Story Highlights on my INSTAGRAM account.

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