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Bullet Journal and Mental Health

The question, how Bullet Journaling helped my mental health, was hard to answer for me. I never really sat down and thought about what exactly it was, that helped me in my struggles.

At first it mainly was a creative and meditative out led that actually was productive because I created a tool to plan and organise my life. Sure I had premade daily planners before, I was addicted to buying them and was always SO motivated to use them but after about three months, I started using my phone, post-it notes, the back of my hand and my brain (the least reliable one) again to keep track of my appointments, to do’s and lists. So, when I first started my Bullet Journal I had the same motivation but I’ve never really expected it to last more than those infamous three months. Now I’m two years in and believe me, I’m still surprised.

Even though this was the hardest question to answer for me so far, it’s my favourite one because I feel like, I’ve learned something.

The thing that changed while using my Bullet Journal to plan my life was the intent in how I use my Bullet Journal to plan, keep track and to not forget to care for myself every now and then.


I try to keep simple layouts for my day to day planning so I manage to prepare them, even if I’m depressed or my anxiety Levels are 10/10. My Bullet Journal is often my anchor, that’s why having the fundament for my daily planning is a priority to me. I don’t put any pressure on my for my weeklies to look pretty or presentable. They’re not there to please, they’re there to work (sorry weeklies, I love you!).

Intention: keeping planning simple so I always manage to sit down and Journal.