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My Bullet Journal

My Bullet Journal is my most favourite hobby. Not only because it's such a creative way to organize your life, I learned that the community that comes with having and sharing your Bullet Journal work is so amazing, loving and motivating. If you don't already know what a Bullet Journal is Ryder Carroll is the inventer of this system to organize your life and if you'll klick here , he gives you all the tipps you'll need to get started.

Basically, it's a notebook (I use the Leuchtturm1917, A5, punktkariert) where you plan all your events, to dos, meal plans and everything else you'll need in one book. For me, it's the most effective system I used until now, to organize my life and I tried a LOT of different systems, even the "no-I-don't-need-to-write-this-down-I'll-remember". And if I bought a calendar for appointments and had different notebooks for different lists, I might used it for three month and then never opened it again until december, feeling bad, that I didn't use it. Even though a Bullet Journal means more work for me, I use the Bullet Journal system for a year now. Until now, I layouted every month, since I started. There were month, I used my Bullet Journal more for drawing and writing than actual planning but even that I love to see. So when I first heard someone talk about her Bullet Journal, I went and bought my first grid dotted Notebook and a set of five Faber-Castell PITT pens and started immediately.

Sometimes I would love to say more on my Instagrampost. So I will regularly share some of my Bullet Journal post here, so I can say ALL the things and it's easier to read than in a descpription box.

@bulletjournalzurich My Planners

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