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How to start a Bullet Journal in 5 simple steps?

The fun thing about a Bullet Journal is, how fast you learn if a layout is working for you or not. It doesn't matter if you like to plan ahead or plan week for week, there's a layout as fancy or as simple as you like for everyone. Even if you don't have a lot of time to have "a hobby like that", a Bullet Journal only takes up as much time as you want to spend with it. Espacially because you don't have to be a full grown artist, your Bullet Journal soon will become your best friend.

@bulletjournalzurich July Titel

1. Keep your everyday layout simple

A fancy title every month is beautiful to have but make sure your everyday planning is fast and simple to layout. So you make sure, that you don't have a planning layout for a week that's hectic and overwhelming. My weekly layout is so simple, that I only need my dotted Leuchtturm1917 (or any Notebook you like, if big or small) and a pen. I don't need a ruler or any colours at first. All the colours and doodles I only add, if I have some time to be creative and at this point, I make some time for these things.

@bulletjournalzurich Weekly

2. Set away time for your Bullet Journal

As everything in organizing your life, it's very important to set aside time to actually write down your tasks and not only make a mental list. For me, I plan everything in my Bullet Journal so I set aside time at least once a week to write down all the tasks for the following week. My Bullet Journal now is like one of my hobies, so I take time for it as I do for sport and date night with my partner or friends.

3. Don't compare your Bullet Journal and progress with others

Auf Instagram oder ähnlichen sozialen Medien sieht man jeden Tag wunderschöne Bullet Journals mit wunderschönen Ze