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How do I plan when things are though?

Planning when things are tough is hard. Being organised just isn’t a priority then, even though I’ve learned over and over, that it’d be essential to feeling better. Bringing order into my mind, thoughts and my life helped me to find my ways to cope better with my anxiety, panic and depression.

I established a routine and with this routine, I’m kind of strict, maybe the most strict I’m with any routine I have. The thing that helped me the most to keep planning in times where I don’t manage anything else, for me was sticking to same same layouts, over and over. This might get a little boring for some of my Instagram followers but I always remind myself, that this is for me and what’s best for me. As soon as I found a weekly layout that worked perfectly for my needs, I stuck with it. I might change up my cover page, just for fun but never my weeklies. I can plan without a cover page, if I wouldn’t find the inspiration for creating one but I NEED my weeklies.

My routine is really simple: 1. Usually around the 20th of every month I start preparing the following month

This helps me to be always on time, even if I don’t manage to prepare the whole month, there’s enough time to create the pages I didn’t do before the new month starts.

2. I keep the same layouts for weeklies

Keeping the same layout for my weeklies helps me a lot because now, I’m really fast with preparing them. I sometimes even say, I could prepare them in my sleep. They sometimes even look like if slept because I’m distracted from the audiobook I’m listening to, so my weeklies have an additional week that I don’t need or two Tuesdays (the worst day of the week).

3. I don’t put any pressure on me to decorate my weeklies

I love to have creative cover pages and some creative pages every here and there but with my weeklies, I don’t put any pressure on my for them to be pretty. They need to be practical and work for me. If I’d like to decorate some pages, there’s always space to do so.

If I’m in a depressive phase, getting up is a huge deal, so if I’d then had to prepare a weekly every week to stay on track with my planning, just wouldn’t be manageable. If I have the weeklies already prepared, I’m able to do a small To Do list where I can cross out “getting up” in these times, which is really helpful to see for myself, I did at least “something”.

This is only what works for me, everyone has to find their own way to cope with different aspects of their life. And also, I love to have a kind of minimalistic approach to Bullet Journaling, if you love to be creative the most, just don’t put any pressure on yourself to PLAN. Just sit down and doodle your favourite things!

You’re doing great, no matter what!

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