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10 Steps to travel without anxiety

My 10 steps to travel without anxiety

Travelling the world isn't always the easiest thing for me because I really need a routine in my life. A few month ago I was reminded of that when I moved into an apartement with my boyfriend. I love our new flat and we both know, we're really lucky to find such an apartement in the middle of the city. I'm four years over 28 (do the math yourself) and for the first time I'm living with a boyfriend. I lived with roomates and all but living with a boyfriend, with shared budget account is something really new for me #adulting. My depression after the move came somewhat of a surprise for me. Even though I new I was bound to my routine, it took me by surprise how hard depression hit, after I couldn't even get to the restroom like I did. I had to change everything I did. It wasn't about losing habits I had, it was about adapting them to my new environment. This got my a lot of anxiety and panic attacks about if it was the right descision, moving in with my boyfriend after "onyl" five years of dating and knowing each other for 28 years. My panic attack peaked on vacation in spain in april. I was SO excited for this trip with our friend, that I kind of forgot that my anxiety won't stay at home just because I didn't pack it in my suitcase. While having one of my attacks in sunny spain, I browsed the internet and found the blog post from Nomadic Matt. It helped me so much reminding me what simple steps I have to take, to eas my fear of traveling. If you know her post, you will find a lot of tips she gave.

Porto, Portugal

1. Listen to an audiobook while going to sleep

Even if I'm at home I always listen to an audiobook while going to sleep. In the state between being away and falling asleep, my thoughts run wild and if I don't have an audiobook on and can listen to my thought, anxiety usually hits really hard. If you stay in a dormroom with a lot of people and you don't want to disturb your travel companions, your In Ear headphones become your best friend. Another plus for headphones and audiobooks in dormroom is, that you won't hear your roomates snore.

2. Take a taxi if public transport is overwhelming

Als Schweizer sind wir zum Glück ja ein ÖV erprobtes Völkchen, bis heute hatte ich das Glück das ich keinen Führerschein benötige. Wenn man jedoch in einem neuen Land, vielleicht sogar auf einem neuen Kontinent ankommt, kann alles ein wenig überwältigend sein. Stell sicher, dass du bei der Ankunft genug Bargeld in der Landeswährung hast, um eine Taxifahrt vom Flughafen zum Hotel zu bezahlen. Bankautomaten hat es am Flughafen, das muss nicht schon Zuhause erledigt werden. Falls du nicht weisst wie viel Geld du abheben sollst, jeder Infostand am Flughafen hat Personal das Englisch spricht und dir weiterhelfen kann. Die ÖVs kannst du auch nach deiner ersten Nacht, ausgeschlafen meistern.

Even though, Swiss people usually are pretty used to public transportation, it can be overwhelming using public transportion right after arriving on a new continent, in a new culture. So just take a taxi from the airport to your hotel. From there, you can plan your routes and ask the front desk staff about how to use the public transportation and what to be careful of.

3. Take something with you that reminds you of home