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6 Simple DIY Steps For Minimalistic Picture Frames

I love to do little DIY's for our appartement and I fell in love with all the minimalistic picture frames I've seen all over the interior design online shops. Usually they're pretty expensive and SO easy to do on your own, so here's a little "How to" on a Budget. (Please bare with me until I figure out how to do better photos)

All you'll need is: 1 empty picture frame (mine is from a Set from Ikea)

1 sheet of paper (I have a 120mg)

1 black ink pen (mine is the Faber - Castell PITT, S)

1 eraser (not shown on the picture)

You can find perfect picture frames on your local flee market. Just take whatever is inside out and put your own art in it. I had the Ikea Set anyways, so I just stuck with them. I like if the paper is a little heavier than usual and I had some 120mg paper left over from my last invitations I made, so I used this for the frame. If the background is brown, like this frame from Ikea you might see through a little if you have 80mg paper.

1. Find the center of your paper a draw a vertical line. I couldn't write straight without it.

2. Sketch out with pencil what you want to write. I used a sentence from the "Litany Against Fear", Only I will remain. (See, is photo is so rubbish, you almost don't see the pencil. Finding the right light is almost impossible right now)

3. Then write with the black ink pen of your choice the sentence you sketched out. I decided to go with a cleaner writing and not the type writer style I sketched out.

4. Make yourself a cup of tea until the black ink is fully dry and you can erase the pencile. It's so annyoing if you get impatient, erase to early and smear the black ink.

5. It's time to get your frame out. If you have a Ikea frame, make sure you take away the plastic on both sides of the "glass". The insert came with the frame and it's the perfect size for an A4 sheet.

6. Make sure your sheet is perfectly fittet into the frame and secure it with a little piece of tape.

Close the frame, et voilà! I love the clean and simple look of these frame and it's so easy to exchange with whatever you want to put into the frame.

If you made it until here, please let me know how you like this DIY. Do you need any more information? Are the picture explaining the steps? I'd love to here from you! Write me here.

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