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Wedding Season means Wedding Signs

This weekend we were invited to celebrate Alexandra’s and André’s wedding. S. and André know each other for years and I was so excited because we could witness their relationship from the beginning.

I love weddings, especially going on weddings as a guest. I’m still not sure, when and how I would get married, I change my mind from big wedding to only family every few months. Because I love going on weddings, I was so excited that this time, I could do some beautiful wedding chalkboard signs for the groom and the bride.

Of course I was anxious, these signs most probably would end up on one or two of their pictures and what if they don’t like it? I mean, it’s their wedding!

After having a lot of trouble with the delivery of the chalkboard, being a little scared that they wouldn’t arrive on time for the wedding, I could finally start drawing everything out.

All you'll need:

1 Chalkboard Sign (in whatever dimension YOU like)

1 Chalk Stick (the normal chalk)

2 Chalk Markers (usually white is the colour you'll need the most of)

I’ve learned a lot along the way, especially, you’ll get chalk EVERYWHERE. And I mean EVERYWHERE! Imagine you’re lying in very fine sand. Even though you don’t roll around in the chalk, it somehow will end up all over your clothes and your skin. Make sure you don’t we